founder and director
Nina Schmid

Nina has a background in political science and dance. After graduating from the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam, she decided to explore the combination of social work and dance. This led her in 2012 to the Dutch refugee camps where she started to give voluntary dance workshops. That’s where the idea of Move Forward was born and in 2014 she officially started the Move Forward Foundation. Now Nina is leading a team of 36 coaches and producers and has already reached out to 12000 young people with traumas in five different countries. Her experience teaching over 1000 dance workshops to our target group makes her now able to run this foundation with a clear vision.

Nina schmid


Chablis has many years of experience working at a large NGO. Her unstoppable drive and big heart for children in shelters makes her a good fit for our foundation. Her focus within the Move Forward Foundation will be fundraising, partnerships and impact research. She is a force, able to make the unthinkable possible.

Chablis Platenburg