Since 2014 our Move Forward Coaches have worked with more than 12,000 children with traumatic experiences.

The Move Forward Foundation will keep on reaching out to as many young people as we can. So they can benefit from our Trauma Relief Movement Program. Designed by dance and sport coaches and trauma specialists. Now our coaches know how to implement elements of trauma relief in their exercises. 


Move Forward focusses on young boys and girls living without a home or without support from home. Since 2014 we have done projects in slums, conflict areas and refugee camps in the following countries: Haiti, Suriname, Kenya, Mexico and The Netherlands. Take a look at our projects.


Connect with your body and learn to love it. Daring to show yourself and highlight your uniqueness. Having fun with a group, being light-hearted, dance to get out of the head and into the body.

Building self-confidence and resilience. Boxing serves as a great outlet for internal frustrations and helps our target group to become stronger in all aspects.

Learning to work in a team and achieve goals together. The possibility of fast progress within this sport will boost self confidence and make our target group believe in their potential.

Getting physically and mentally stronger, creating a positive self-image and at the same time it’s an outlet for internal frustrations through strength training.